Learn To Love The Woman You Are Becoming

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Learn To Love The Woman You Are Becoming

1:1 Coaching Packages

Can you imagine how it would feel to:

  • Stop beating yourself up over your imperfections!
  • Learn how to honor your emotions in the most positive way possible!
  • Understand the difference between giving up and surrender!
  • Change your perspective on the dark seasons of life and accept that they are necessary for growth!
  • Stay focused on what makes you come alive inside!
  • Discover where you currently find your identity and see if that might be in need of change!
  • Be fully known and accepted in your imperfections YET be graciously held accountable at the same time.

I think we all want to love ourselves. The million-dollar question is HOW? You Get It Right? Last I Checked Real-Life 101 and Self-Care Aren't Taught In School! And when REAL Life happens, you do the best you can- but you know you're faking it!

Just for this moment can you stop being so hard on yourself? Chances are, no one has ever taught you how to be vulnerable, authentic, confident, AND Resilient!

We've had plenty of people show us how to fake it. Am I Right?

Today can be the day that changes! You can begin the journey of truly loving yourself!

Included With Coaching


Everyone is different- this is why I tailor each coaching package to best suit your life and needs.


I'm here if you need me for those quick questions that you have. (This is for my private One to One Clients)


All our work will be in one place. Worksheets, access to courses, your Action GamePlan, and your personal inventory tracker.

-> VIP Access to Every Online Course and Class

I absolutely love working one on one with clients. I consider it a great honor to hold space for you while you bear some of your deepest pain to me. I know there'll be times you'll just need me to hear you speak your truth. I also know that if you have hired me, it's probably because you want results. Real Results- Real Transformation.

Things you should know. When we work together, your problems become mine. Because of the attention I bring to each session, I can only accomplish this with clients ready to do this type of work.

My goal, as your coach, is not only to support you through this process and get you to where you want to be – my ultimate aim is to empower you so that at some point, you no longer need me the way you do right now. I want you to be able to say with me, "I am better today than I was three months ago."

Therefore, I only work with clients who are willing to commit to 3 months minimum of coaching

Here is what Sue had to say-

I just feel like I think things through more now in a positive sense and I finally have figured out I can’t fix all the things I want to. And I’m getting better at accepting that!! This has been a very long rambling email...lol. I’m sorry for that If you haven’t given up reading this yet I want you to know you have made a difference in my life. You helped me with confidence I didn’t know I had and a new way to look at what others might be going through and though I may not truly understand all they are dealing with...I will not judge them as harshly! I’m more sympathetic but I’m trying to not enable and let myself get walked on at the same time.-Sue Schilder

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