Win Your Mental Health Battle

22 Modules

Welcome to the Course

What I learned From Psychology 101 at Age 19

The Dark Maze

Acceptance, So You Can Live Again

When Good Isn't Good Enough

Scars People Can't See

The Broken Golden Rule

Lasting Change

Check Engine Lights

Would You Take Insulin If Your Life Depended On It?

A Moment To Laugh

Lessons from the Rich Man Who Had It All

Addictions and the Hold They Have on Us

Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Making The Pieces Fit

The Tipping Point

Suicide Danger With Social Media

Afterthoughts on Condemnation

Wrapping Things Up

Win Your Mental Health Battle

Welcome, we are so glad you are here!

This course is designed to help you navigate the overwhelming confusion, isolation, and frustration that comes with any mental health battle.

  • Don't let any mental health diagnosis define you. Growth is possible. 
  • Be proactive in gaining knowledge about what you are struggling with. 
  • Find hope and stay committed to winning the battle you are facing.

I know for myself, I struggled for many years with my diagnosis with PTSD. What would happen if I had a panic attack in public and I threw up? I struggled with the internal battle that raged on the inside and how outwardly I appeared to be "fine." I wondered, should I tell people that I was disabled? Was I disabled? I hated the label but it also helped me understand what I was experiencing.

Today, I am personally inviting you into my world and teaching you 20-bite size, yet very powerful lessons. These lessons are designed to help you pinpoint areas where you can take action in your own life to win the battle you are facing.

"For anyone struggling with or prone to depression, this is a great resource! The lessons are short enough to feel manageable, even when you don't have the energy to do much. Jennifer combines practical tools and questions to help you dig deeper.

She does a great job of balancing hope with the gritty reality of what she faced, and she helps you start to see your own story with some of that."

Andrea Bowen-US Armed Forces

This course can be taken privately at your own pace. 

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